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December 21, 22 & 23   9:00am-Noon

Christmas crafts, traditional cookies, and Christmas carols in the Chapel

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Prairie Adventure Camp Registration
Open Summer of 2022

Summer 2022
Activities:  Weaving, Hand-Spinning, Butter Churning, Candle Making and more!
All Camps are $100 each, per Camper. ($80 for family members, Homesteader Level)

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Each day begins with De-Modernizing and a Class Photo. All Campers are encouraged to bring a snack such as apples, oranges, crackers, pretzels, etc.

Camp 1:

Weaving, Hand-spinning wool, Marbles, Calling Cards, and Butter Churning.

Camp 2:

Quilting, blacksmith demonstration, homemade ice cream, candle making, and square dancing.

Camp 3:

Hopscotch, stick weaving, cornbread making, dulcimer lessons, and old fashioned house cleaning

Camp 4:

Pillow making, Quill pens and journals, lemonade making, and tea and scones

Depending on time, some activities may be added to the week. Some activities may be postponed or canceled due to inclement weather. If that occurs, alternate indoor activities are provided.

Contact Jamie Seibert for inquiries or 469-625-9002


Tues, Thurs & Friday 9am - 3pm
Village Tours: Thursday and Saturday at 11am

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