Mini Farmers Markets

The 2020 season of mini markets kicks off starting on April 2nd at Chestnut Square!

In addition to Saturdays (8am-12pm), The McKinney Farmers Market has added a Mini Market on Wednesday from 3pm-6pm. Produce as well as ready to eat foods make it the perfect spot for shopping as well as dining, in a safe and charming environment. We will monitor and count shoppers as they enter and leave, to keep a small amount of customers in the market at one time. We will also have hand sanitizer at each booth and have a 6 foot area marked off to help customers stay a safe distance away from each other. Please park and enter only through the Playful parking lot.


Mini Market Vendor Schedule

Wednesday Afternoon Mini Market


1. Fresh Mex

2. Mountainman Jerky

3. Bernards Gourmet Foods

4. Texas Forest Farm

5. Local Family Farms

6. Warne Bee Farm

7. Yatab Mandazi



Saturday Morning Mini Market


1. Stonebranch MicroFarm
2. JoJo’s Sweet Treats
3. Mix It Up
4. Brothers Product
5. Embry Family Farm
6. Local Family Farms
7. Kitchen Pride Mushrooms
8. Soco Ginger Beer
10. Sassy Popcorn
11. Lewellen Farms
13. The Rosemary Bakery
14. Bernards Gourmet Foods
15. The Cookie Crave
16. Jolly Acres
17. Delicious Delights
18. Macias Family Pottery
19. Homerun Leather Co.
20. Papa G’s Nest Box
22. Warne Bee Farms
23. Wild Bill Walking Sticks
25. Hugs
26. Sheri’s Stitchery/ Passion Flowers of Texas
27. Yatab Mandazi
28. The Amazing Dip Co.
29. Wildflower Baking Co.
31. Nylander Crafts
32. Canticle Farms
33. Fisher Farm & Ranch
34. Luscombe Farms
35. Texas Forest Farm
36. Chimmy Tea
38. Keeton Beef
39. Winona Orchards LLC
40. Ami Art
A1. Village Baking Co.
A2. Fresh Mex
A3. Coffee Del Rey
A4. Ms Penny’s Kitchen
A5. Aunt Netties Sweets & Treats
A6. Susie’s Snack Shop
A7. The Cats Meow
A8. Miracle Creations
A9. Crucial Four
A10. BrigidBrammerBags
A11. Designs by Debbie L.


Tues, Thurs & Friday 9am - 3pm
Village Tours: Thursday and Saturday at 11am

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