Like stepping through a looking glass into the past

A visit to Chestnut Square is like stepping through a looking glass into the past…a bygone era when craftsmanship, hard work and simple pleasures were the bedrock of life. The grounds and buildings are beautifully maintained — no small feat, given the costs to keep it all pristine.
It’s a special place to which all parents with children today should bring them for a few hours, to give them a real sense for history of everyday life among their ancestors. You’ll love the people who make all this possible…they’re very knowledgeable of the history, and eager to impart the secrets of life in a simpler time.

Carl Reinelt

A farmers market that has produce! 😊

Always fresh and the vendors are always in the same place so you know where to go if short on time. Love Brothers hummus my favorite addiction. I don’t know the farm that has the biggest tent there but they have all the produce you could think of and they still have fresh strawberries πŸ“ My Saturday morning ritual and what a way to start the weekend.

Laura Stone

Lovely wedding location

We attended a small country wedding this past weekend at the Chestnut Square Historic Village. It’s a series of small cottages used for different venues. The chapel held about 100 guests with wooden pews. The reception was held in another cottage that catered BBQ and outdoor dance area under covered patio with disc jockey. Amble parking nearby. The staff was friendly and the event was fun to attend. If I lived in this city and would like to renew our vows, I’d consider this location.



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