Farmers, Ranchers, Produce & Honey Vendors

Buck Creek Land & Cattle LLC

Grass & Pasture raised cattle, lamb, pigs, chickens and eggs.

Keeton Beef

Pastured raised cattle. Meat is dry aged for a minimum of 14-21 days.

Lewellen Farms llc

We grow all our produce in the soil, where theyve been growing since the beggining.

Canticle Farms

Sustainably raised produce, flowers, dairy goats, chickens for eggs and heritage meat rabbits.

Stonebranch MicroFarm

Our goal is to create a model of a sustainable, profitable farm on the smallest amount of land possible.

The Embry Farm

The Embry Family grows as much as they can on two acres and grow a wide vairiety of vegtables. To purchase from the Embry Family contact Patrick Embry @ 1(903)269-0974.

Fisher Farm & Ranch

We have a farm in Fruitvale TX, we provide a home deliverys ervice strait from our farm to your door.

Kitchen Pride

Known as “The Mushroom of Texas”, Kitchen Pride has been producing fresh, locally-grown, quality mushrooms in y in Gonzales since 1988.

Warne Bee Farm

We are a family who enjoys keeping bees and eating that pure raw honey right from the beehive.

Osuch Greens

Here at Osuch Greens, we sell natural, homegrown, local microgreens without fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.