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Our mission

Our mission to preserve history, educate the community and inspire the future is accomplished by providing educational programs, tours, special events and a picturesque venue for weddings, meetings and social gatherings of all kinds. Chestnut Square hosts community events that bring people together to celebrate our heritage. To do so, we also must maintain our historic buildings, artifacts and grounds that illustrate and inform people about the past, in order to serve the future.


Fun Fact #1

We own the oldest house in McKinney, the 1854 Faires House, which boasts its original hand carved front door and an enormous kitchen fireplace still used to demonstrate Dutch Oven Cooking?


Fun Fact #2

The 1870’s Victorian Italianate Johnson House, on its original site, was home to state Senator Captain John Johnson, author of the Homestead Bill, where he and wife Polly raised their 13 children?


Fun Fact #3

Our field trips contain numerous activities meeting TEKS requirements for 2nd and 3rd grade (and can be modified for K-5), preschool programs and special educational events?


Fun Fact #4

We host the McKinney Farmers Market, rated in the top Texas markets, 50 Saturdays a year?

Make a Difference

Your membership, or contribution, will help maintain Collin County’s heritage for today and for future generations.

By joining, or contributing, you help to maintain a piece of Collin County’s heritage. The founders of The Heritage Guild of Collin County gave us a great gift when they set up Chestnut Square. Very few cities have saved a piece of their heritage for future generations….many are now trying to recreate their lost heritage through replicas. The citizens of Collin County have truly been blessed by the foresight of the women who founded The Heritage Guild of Collin County and acquired the initial property and houses that became Chestnut Square. We have also been blessed over the years by ongoing donations and grants that have allowed us to continue to grow the Square and build educational programming and events.

Your support will help preserve and maintain our facilities, artifacts and educational programs. We welcome gifts of any size. Gifts of $500 and up can be restricted to the purpose of your choice.

Perhaps William Shakespeare said it best when he wrote, “What is Past is Prologue.” With wisdom and foresight, McKinney’s past generations understood that once we lose a piece of history, it is lost forever and, with it, the stories, people and events which comprise our common legacy.

When the concerned ladies of McKinney took it upon themselves to establish a village to commemorate and preserve what had come before, they bequeathed a significant responsibility to future generations of our city and county. They provided a foundation to build on and provided the prologue for McKinney’s future, and our children’s future. And we at Chestnut Square Historic Village embrace the challenge and welcome your partnership in doing so.

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All members receive free public Village tours, and special member events and exhibits. Heritage Alliance Members become members of not just the Heritage Guild of Collin County (Chestnut Square), but also the Heard Craig Center for the Arts and the Collin County History Museum. In addition to full member benefits at all 3 museums, you will be invited to exclusive Heritage Alliance Member Events


Tues, Thurs & Friday 9am - 3pm
Village Tours: Thursday and Saturday at 11am

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315 S. Chestnut Street McKinney, TX 75069


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