Summer Camps

Prairie Adventure Camp

Would you like your child age 6 to 12 to have a truly unique summer experience? Prairie Adventure Camp at Chestnut Square is all about old-fashioned summer fun! Campers get to dress in pioneer clothing (provided by our camp) and take a trip back to the 1880s. Each camp begins with de-modernization: putting away cell phones and electronics, dressing up, and taking a class photo. Pioneer-era games, crafts, cooking, and history provide our campers with a new perspective and a lot of summer fun. Spaces are limited and our camps sell out each year, so don’t delay – register today!

Activities are subject to change.


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Camp 1: June 6th – 8th and July 11th – 13th

  • De-Modernizing and Class Photo
  • Weaving, Hand-spinning, Marbles, Jacks
  • Thaumatropes, Calling Cards, Butter Churning
  • Pie Making, Soap Making

Camp 2: June 13th – 15th and July 18th – 20th

  • De-Modernizing and Class Photo
  • Ropes & Knots, Quilting, Possibility Bags
  • Chicken Pot Pie, Buzz Saws, Triangle Game
  • Home-Made Ice Cream, Dominoes, Square Dancing

Camp 3: June 20th – 22nd and July 25th – 27th

  • De-Modernizing and Class Photo
  • Nail Art, Boat Making, Making Candles
  • Cornbread, Victorian House-Cleaning Techniques
  • Rag Dolls, Tops, Stick Weaving, Rug Making
  • Dulcimer Playing, String Games, Hopscotch

Camp 4: June 27th – 29th and August 1st – 3rd 

  • De-Modernizing and Class Photo
  • Climbing Bear, Pillow Making, Leather Stamping
  • Lacrosse, Soap Carving, Morse Code, Flag Semaphore
  • Flowers, Making Journals, Lemonade
  • Parlor Games, Tea and Scones, Blacksmithing

Camp 5: July 4th – 6th and August 8th -10th 

  • De-Modernizing and Class Photo
  • Weaving, Croquet, Calling Cards
  • Thaumatropes, Victorian Laundry Techniques
  • Dulcimers, Soap Carving
  • Blacksmithing, Homemade Ice Cream

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