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The 2014 Legends of McKinney Ghost Walk will be two shivery nights!! 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 18 and Saturday, October 25

6:00 - 10:00 p.m.

TexPart Paranormal Research will share their investigation results from some of the sites on the Ghost Walk in a special movie presentation at the McKinney Performing Arts Center! 

2014 Legends of McKinney Ghost Walk

This is a self-guided, self-paced Ghost Walk throughout Chestnut Square Historic Village and the downtown McKinney Square. Ticket booklets provide maps of the sites and storytellers at each site share the legends!  Once you have your ticket booklet you can map out your route with stops in between for fun, food and spirits!  The night of the event, ticket booklets and wrist bands are available at Chestnut Square Historic Village and the McKinney Performing Arts Center. 

The following sites will be featured on the 2014 Legends of McKinney Ghost Walk:


***New in 2014*** The Munzee Building

An unhappy ending leaves a spirit behind!


Goodies Texas on the McKinney Square

What happens when a long-standing business closes?  Who comes back to visit?  Who is left behind?   

Churchills Pub in Historic Downtown McKinney

The knife throwing spirit has been especially active in 2013 according to recent paranormal investigations (AND from those who work and frequent the Pub).  Where is this spirit from ?  What about the history of Churchills has left them with this legacy?

Back in 2014!!  Landon Winery in Historic Downtown McKinney

This bottle moving spirit loves to rearrange the wine bottles and play with the door of the restroom.  Is the spirit linked to the open underground well in the winery?  Or is there something elsei n the history of Landon Winery that makes the spirit restless?

Main Street Magic & Fun Company in Historic Downtown McKinney

The original site of one of the worst disasters in McKinney this building is very spirited!! Whose footsteps are those late at night?  Who is opening and closing doors and moving curtains?


The Old Collin County Prison in Historic Downtown McKinney

The site of the last public hanging in Texas....well, need we say more?  Come on out and see if you can see and feel the spirits that made the workers renovating the building in the late 1990's refuse to work at night!

The Former Collin County Courthouse, Now the McKinney Performing Arts Center in Historic Downtown McKinney

The site of many of Collin County's most notorious trials, MPAC is left with a legacy of spirits of those unhapy with the justice that was dealt out.  A lady in white peers down from above, and late night workers hear muffled talk throughout the building.    TexPart Paranormal will also share their findings at all of this year's sites in a presentation and video at MPAC. 


Back in 2014!!  The Pantry Restaurant (Old Hope Hardware Store)

Who is the man who follows guests up the staircase?  Why does the Victorian dressed woman stay around to greet employees and paranormal investigators with pleasantries?  Whose footsteps are those?  These and other sightings will be presented by our brave storytellers!

Chestnut Square Historic Village Dulaney Cottage

  Mrs. Dulaney spent years in mourning for her husband and child...see her in typical mourning attire at the Dulaney Cottage. Who is the man in black, the mysterious man that many claim to see in the dining room?

New in 2014!!  Chestnut Square Historic Village Faires House

The oldest house in McKinney (1854), the Faires House has seen its share of history!  The site of the only Civil War battle in McKinney, the house had a Civil War era bullet imbedded in its bois d'arc foundation.  Today, visitors hear men's voices arguing, feel the presence of someone around them and see items fly across the room.  What will you see and hear?

Haunted Trolley Tour of Finch Park

Collin County was deeply divided during the Civil War.  The citizens of Collin County voted 948 to 405 against secession from the Union.  During the war, many Collin County men hid out to avoiding conscription into the Confederate Army.  One of the best hiding places was "Jernigan's Swamp" which later became Finch Park.  Find out why many of these "bushwackers" still haunt Finch Park!


Tickets prices for the Ghost Walk are:

Adults:  $15 in advance, $20 the night of the Ghost Walk. 

Children 12 and under are $5.   Children 3 and under are free.

Tickets for the Haunted Trolley Tour are:

All:  $10 in advance and the night of. 

Click here to purchase advance tickets online for the October 18th and October 25th Ghost Walk.

Click here to purchase advance tickets online for the October 18th and October 25th Haunted Trolley Tour.

Tickets purchased online for the October 18 Ghost Walk will be mailed through October 13.  Any tickets sold after that date must be picked up at the Will Call table at Chestnut Square.  Tickets purchased online for the October 25 Ghost Walk or Trolley Tour will be mailed through October 21.  Any tickets sold after that date must be picked up at the Will Call table at Chestnut Square.

Many thanks to our 2014 sponsors:

McKinney Community Development Corporation

McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC)

Main Street Magic and Fun Company




The Pantry

Landon Winery

McKinney Mainstreet



The Ghostly Hauntings of Chestnut Square Tour

3rd Saturday of Every Month

8:00 p.m.

Tours start at the Wilmeth Schoolhouse at Chestnut Square


Children under 12 not permitted.  Children 12-17 must be accompanied by an adult

Chestnut Square gets spooky at night!  Are you brave enough for this two hour behind the scenes haunted tour of Chestnut Square?  See audio and video clips collected by TexPart during their ghostly investigations of the houses at Chestnut Square.  Take a lantern lit tour of the houses and hear their haunted histories!  Amateur ghost hunting encouraged!  Make your reservations today!  Call 972-467-9823 or contact us.. 


Private Guided Ghost Walks of Chestnut Square and the Historic McKinney Square are available year-round for groups of 12-30.  Tours begin at Chestnut Square Historic Village and continue throughout the McKinney Historic District.  Your docents will share the legends of McKinney with you. Ghostly sightings are not guaranteed, but shivery fun is!  To learn more about the tours, call 972-467-9823 or contact us.

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